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  • Wendy Lynch

What Matters, Matters

At a certain point in one's career, it's natural to reflect on what has been accomplished and what, if anything, remains unfinished. Is there a new path yet to be taken? In my case, the answer pointed me in a vastly different direction than I had traveled thus far.

You see, thirty-one years ago I entered the working world with a PhD in research methods and data analytics. Fortunately for me, these were marketable skills, leading to opportunities in academia, health start-ups, human resource consulting, and many related fields. I've collaborated and published studies with some incredibly bright, talented people and had fun in the process. These efforts have been rewarding and, at least I hope, useful to my clients and colleagues.

So, where does my next path lead? To the book we are releasing this week: Get to What Matters. And, to a simple goal: make the world a better place one conversation at a time.

The seed that eventually grew into Get to What Matters, was planted when I had the good fortune to work with Clydette de Groot, 25 years ago. She became a mentor and friend, and more recently a business partner and coauthor. With her guidance, what I learned about conversations -- how to listen, connect and discover what matters -- transformed the way I interacted with everyone around me. I believe my conversations with clients added more value than any research or analysis project.

I also came to respect that what matters is what drives each of us. What matters, matters.

While I remain in my "day job" for the time being, my energies will begin to shift increasingly toward sharing what it means to get to what matters. Please join us in this blog to hear more. In the meantime, may you connect meaningfully with what matters to you.

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