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“Thank you for these simple tools to use in every relationship. It's amazing how a few simple questions can change the course of a conversation! The book is easy to read and easy to use."   Amazon Review

“A must read for anyone interested in improving skills for life! Thank you for sharing the wisdom that will make a difference in relationships."  Amazon Review


This was my favorite session! Very topical and a good transition out of our conference and back into real life. Dr. Lynch is an amazing presenter! Thank you!!! 

-  Attendee September 2017

Fascinating, timely and useful. Thank you.

Attendee September 2017

This session was great! It taught you the what, the why and the how. I felt like I left with three tactical things I could do - and more importantly remember. Thank you!!

- Workshop attendee 2017

Good session. Appreciated how interactive it was and the ability to role play the skills.

- Workshop attendee 2017

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