Become an Analytic Translator

There is a severe shortage of people who can speak both languages effectively, which will result in a demand for 2,000,000-4,000,000 more skilled translators by 2026.

Become one of those skilled individuals.


There is a Wide Communication Gap Between
Analysts and Business Leaders

I’m sure if you’re an analyst you’ve experienced this yourself.

You got super excited about a project, did the analysis, and then went back to the business leader — who asked for the exact information you delivered — only to get a luke-warm reaction, confusion, or you find no one uses the results at all.

That’s why:

As Many as


of All Analytic Projects Don’t Produce Any Value


Are Wasted Annually on Useless Output

Most Data Scientists Will Leave Their Jobs After

20 Months

Due to Dissatisfaction

But there’s good news.

There’s a way you can fix the communication breakdown creating this gap, become the go-to analyst at your company, and make the most out of the work you’re already doing.


Become the Go-To Translator at Your Company

Once you learn the skills of an Analytic Translator, business leaders will notice that working with you feels easy and natural. They find that they can trust you to get things done right the first time without wasted time or rework.

All it takes is a shift in the way you approach your role and some new communication skills.

Think of it like this: you had to upgrade your skills and learn new ways of doing analysis as the field evolved and computers got more powerful, so why wouldn’t you upgrade your communication skills to make that aspect of your job more effective?


Want a free lesson?

In this course lesson, Dr. Lynch will share the value of analytic translation. You'll also gain access to the Analytic Translator Value Estimation Tool, where you can estimate the value unique to your organization.

Meet Wendy

Wendy Lynch is an experienced sense-maker and data scientist with over 35 years of research experience, primarily in business settings. She has played the role of Analytic Translator for hundreds of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Her expertise is both in data analytics and effective communication, combining the two into a framework for optimizing the value of analytics in a business setting.

A nationally-recognized speaker and instructor, Dr. Lynch is committed to training a new generation of analytic translators. Her goal is to establish Analytic Translation as an essential role, recognized by every corporation.


A Proven Process Based on 35 Years of Experience

When I started as an analyst I thought that if I just explained all the cool findings, showed great graphics, and described why the results mattered, the business people would be as fascinated as I was... and surprise! They were not.

So I set out to find why that was the case and how to communicate with business professionals in their own language, and after 1000s of meetings, many mistakes, and a lot of trial and error... I’ve developed an effective approach.

And business will need LOTS of translators. McKinsey reports there is a severe shortage of people who can speak both languages effectively, which will result in a demand for 2,000,000-4,000,000 more skilled translators by 2026.

Become one of those skilled individuals.



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