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  • Five Communication Failures that Sabotage Analytic Projects
  • Five Hidden Costs of Miscommunication Between Business and Analytic Teams
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Do your analytic projects frequently need rework?


Is there a consistent gap between what the business needs, and what analysts produce?


Are you aware of the costs of ineffective communication?


Join Dr. Lynch as she shares the FIVE hidden costs of miscommunication
AND a few SIMPLE steps to improve communication now.

What is miscommunication
costing your business?

As many as 85% of analytic projects don’t produce business value. 
Not because analysts aren’t talented. Not because they don’t have the data.
Because data science teams and business teams speak different languages.

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Five Hidden Costs of Miscommunication
Between Analytic and Business Teams

June 15th at 10am Mountain Time - 30 minutes with Dr. Wendy Lynch

Meet Your Host

Wendy Lynch is an experienced sense-maker and data scientist with over 35 years of research experience, primarily in business settings. She has played the role of Analytic Translator for hundreds of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations.

Her expertise is both in data analytics and effective communication, combining the two into a framework for optimizing the value of analytics in a business setting.

A nationally-recognized speaker and instructor, Dr. Lynch is committed to training a new generation of analytic translators. Her goal is to establish Analytic Translation as an essential role, recognized by every corporation.

You know your data team can provide
more value to the business

Maybe you’ve already realized that something is missing.

Or that data analytics could play a more essential role for your organization.

Or that the business and analytic teams could collaborate more effectively.

Start by understanding the size of the problem. 
(And learn a few SIMPLE steps to improve communication today.)