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Please help yourself to these resources to learn more about Analytic Translation. They include samples of course video content, examples from the book, an avoidable cost calculator, and more! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me.

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Topics include:

  • Five Communication Failures that Sabotage Analytic Projects
  • Five Hidden Costs of Miscommunication Between Business and Analytic Teams
  • Six Reasons Analytic and Business Professionals are Destined to Clash
  • Plus, more to come!
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Experience Lesson 1.8 (Free)

In this course lesson, Dr. Lynch will share the value of analytic translation. You'll also gain access to the Analytic Translator Value Estimation Tool, where you can estimate the value unique to your organization.

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Excerpt from Become an Analytic Translator Book

Ready to take a first step and read about Analytic Translators? Start here with a free sneak peek at the first full section of the book.

It covers:

  1. What goes wrong today
  2. How we ended up in the mess we are in
  3. How differences between business and analytic professionals lead to tension
  4. The value of translation.

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Become an Analytic Translator

 Make sense of data in business. Make allies of analysts and business leaders.

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Free Lesson

Ever wonder about the value of analytic translation? How would you explain it to your colleagues or boss? In this video I outline the many ways that translators make analytics work better for business.

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Analytic Translator Glossary

What do translators do? Who do they work with? What tools do they use? Review analytic translation terminology here.

Learn the Terms