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Elevate your career with one of the most in-demand skillsets in analytics. As an Analytic Translator, you will stand out, set yourself apart, and deliver the insights your clients crave.

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What is an Analytic Translator?

An advisor trusted by data analysts and business leaders to crystalize, explain, and shepherd complex analytic projects efficiently and collaboratively from initial concept to a relevant, insightful decision or application, in ways that recognize and elevate the contributions of everyone involved.

Analytic Translators are in High Demand

According to McKinsey, there is a severe shortage of people who can speak both analytic and business languages effectively, which will result in a demand for two to four million more skilled translators by 2026.

Will YOU be one of those skilled individuals?

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There is a Wide Communication Gap Between Analysts and Business Leaders

As Many as


of All Analytic Projects Don’t Produce Any Value


Are Wasted Annually on

Useless Output


of Sr. Data Analysts are actively looking for a new job

Your Dream Job Awaits

Once you learn the skills of an Analytic Translator, business leaders will notice that working with you feels easy and natural. They find that they can trust you to get things done right the first time without wasted time or rework.

Think of it like this: you had to upgrade your skills and learn new ways of doing analysis as the field evolved and computers got more powerful, so why wouldn’t you upgrade your communication skills to have the career you've always wanted?